LodaRAT Windows Malware affects Android Devices

by | February 10, 2021 | Cybersecurity News

LodaRAT which was targeting Windows users was found to also affect Android devices.

A fresh variant of the malware is being distributed in a campaign that targets Android devices and spies on its victims. An updated Windows version has also been discovered. The two versions were found in a campaign targeting Bangladesh users.

This way the malware now works suggests a shift of focus for LodaRAT’s devs, which seem to be more interested in espionage rather than financial gains. Previous versions of LodaRAT had credential-stealing functionalities which were most likely used to empty victim’s bank accounts. The updated ones are more oriented towards information gathering.

The fact that the threat group has evolved into hybrid campaigns targeting Windows and Android shows a group that is thriving and evolving […] Along with these improvements, the threat actor has now focused on specific targets, indicating more mature operational capabilities. As is the case with earlier versions of Loda, both versions of this new iteration pose a serious threat, as they can lead to a significant data breach or heavy financial loss.

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by Dan Florian

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