Why ATTACK Simulator?

We'd choose us, as well.

It’s only natural to ask “Why ATTACK Simulator?” Our product offers professional cost-effective solutions tailored for your enterprise needs. You can find out more bellow.

Why ATTACK Simulator?

Automated cybersecurity awareness training so you can cross it off your to do list

ATTACK Simulator offers cybersecurity awareness training for companies of all sizes to increase employee’s vigilance regarding cyber attacks in a prompt and timely manner.

Our automatic function is meant to ease your life by taking care of your employee’s training, requiring almost no manual intervention.

We are customer-oriented and offer in-house support by addressing your questions directly to ATTACK Simulator’s developers themselves.

ATTACK Simulator’s Strengths

also known as the secret ingredients we use
in crafting and delivering our security awareness programs


As time is money, we can’t afford to let you waste any. Our programs are fully automatic so you can cross it off your to-do list.


Cyber crimes are enough of a hassle. Our user-friendly program makes sure you won’t feel like having to learn another software.


Security shouldn’t cost a fortune. We make it an accessible utility so that everyone can learn to defend themselves against cyberattacks.


We trust you have enough on your mind, so we take the time to tailor our offers precisely for your company’s needs.

Small & Dedicated

We’re obsessed with security and excellence, and dominated by passion. Being a small team allows us to have a customer-oriented approach in everything we do.

Quick customer support

Part of our mission is to make sure our clients are happy. We have a solution-oriented mindset and offer in-house support so you can take your mind off the problem in no time.

We’re stubbornly driven to make your employees recognize security threats

We want to transform the way your employees handle security
and we won’t stop until we succeed.

Have 250 000+ enrolled employees in our training program

Work with governmental organizations and city halls for ensuring safer public services

Delivered our training program to companies that range from a few hundred to thousands of employees

Offer training in multiple languages, carefully translated by professionals (proud to say Google Translate has no involvement)

What Are People Saying?

I didn’t realize how much we needed ATTACK Simulator until we got it. It works on a large array of phishing and malware attack simulations, very realistic ones. I was about to fall into some of those traps myself. But I’m really glad to see employees all over the company doing so less and less.

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Don’t postpone educating your employees about security awareness. Every second your employees are unaware can have dire consequences.

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Don’t postpone educating your employees about security awareness. Every second your employees are unaware can have dire consequences.

Researching security?

ATTACK Simulator partners with research groups and universities. We strive to be actively involved in IT security research and do our part to make the world a safer place.

We embrace mutually beneficial partnerships, so we made sure Attack Simulator can be distributed through partner channels.

We also developed a client management system for our partners so they can have a clear overview at all times.

We’re proud to already be working with managed service providers (MSP) from Central and South America, as well as Western Europe, and we aim to extend our services to the United States and Eastern Europe.

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