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Cybersecurity skills to develop while working from home

Cybersecurity, Computer security, or Information Technology Security (IT security) refers to the protection of computer systems, networks, servers, devices, or programs from attacks, hardware or software damage, or theft of electronic data. Also, they contain...

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How to secure your home network?

Since the COVID pandemic requires us to work from home, it’s essential to make sure that we have a proper home office where we can work without any worries. There will always be problems when it comes to securing our home network and making sure that there are no data...

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Should I use a VPN when working from home?

The COVID Pandemic brought in a new normal for us, which means staying home, to protect ourselves and the ones we love from this virus. We can still work from home, but that means dealing with various security issues.

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Spotting COVID-19 online scams

The COVID-19 pandemic created new opportunities for bad actors to trick users into revealing their personal information or clicking on malicious links or attachments, unwittingly downloading malware to their computers. These phishing attacks and scams “use both fear...

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