Cybersecurity Awareness Training Plans

Learn to outsmart the hackers with ATTACK Simulator.

We have 4 different plans, tailored for specific business needs. 

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245 000+ employees from various industries

We are specialized in mitigating security risks in a cost-effective way,
offering our best deals in order to promote a culture of security in every company.

We are dedicated to helping you build a better security infrastructure in your company because we want you to avoid information security weaknesses and data loss focus on what matters most for your business growth.

4 cybersecurity awareness training plans & 4 training intervals

We know cybersecurity inside out and want to pass the knowledge forward.
Your employees will get knowledgeable about social engineering, phishing, spear phishing, and malware attacks, to name a few. We focus on delivering a constantly updated program to help you be a step ahead of the bad guys at all times.

We offer four types of plans and four training intervals, in order to fit your enterprise’s needs based on your industry, number of employees, business goals, or necessary periods of training.


The Evaluation Plan

works as an introduction to the security awareness world.

If you opt for this plan, you get access to:

  • one audit simulation
  • basic user reports
  • email customer support


ATTACK Simulator Evaluation

The go-to plan for all companies that want to perform a basic assessment of their current security awareness status. It can also help them evaluate their employees’ performance when already enrolled in another security awareness training, establishing the efficiency of that training. It is the plan for all companies that are not familiar with cyber security, but want to get over this threshold.

The Essentials Plan

On top of acting as an introduction to the security awareness world, the Essentials Plan offers unlimited access to long-running automated simulated phishing attacks.

It’s basically an augmentation of the Evaluation Plan, packed with:


  • unlimited audit simulations
  • user reports
  • email and phone customer support.


ATTACK Simulator Essentials

A basic security awareness plan that targets all companies that aim to reach the baseline of cybersecurity in their enterprise. It is suitable for small to medium companies that want to create the minimum of security awareness on a budget. Recommended for initiating employees who work from home as well.

The Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is our first plan to include access to the educational platform, one custom simulation, and access to multiple administrators.

By choosing this plan, you’re granted access to the necessary security awareness resources for certification compliance.



ATTACK Simulator Pro

A versatile plan for companies that plan to get a security certification, or simply want a comprehensive security awareness training. This is our most requested plan, and is recommended for all companies that aim to strengthen their security infrastructure in order to maintain better control. Suitable for remote activities as well, like working from home.

The Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan offers unlimited access to every feature, along with advanced management tools, such as Active Directory integration.

Moreover, opting for the Enterprise Plan will give you access to ATTACK Simulator’s API, allowing for tighter integration of our services.

You will also receive access to our email phishing alert plugin for reporting suspicious activity directly from your mailbox.

high scale

ATTACK Simulator Enterprise

An all-around plan for big companies that need solutions on a large scale, with customizable features and targeted behavioral change. Great for achieving certification, instilling a security culture, and maintaining control over a robust security infrastructure.

3 Months


The 3-month program is suitable for building the foundation of cybersecurity in your company. It’s recommended for quick evaluations of the status-quo, employees’ performance, or effectiveness of a previous training. It doesn’t last long enough to validate the knowledge, but it is an adequate time-frame for situation analysis.

6 months

Knowledge Implementation

The half-a-year program usually grants enough time for practice, testing, and cementing basic knowledge. Your company’s management team will be able to assess risks with more accuracy, while employees will learn elemental cybersecurity practices. It’s a sustained effort of creating security awareness, but it doesn’t guarantee the longevity of the best practices, as employees have yet to create habits.

12 months

Behavioral Change

Promising longer commitment, the one-year subscription is closely tight to behavioral change. A longer time-span for security awareness learning means a more sustained effort. This encourages employees to create new security awareness habits, have quick and accurate reactions, and boosts motivation. Your company can benefit from increased employees’ productivity, and a remarkably safer environment.

24 months

Long-run sustainment

The two-year subscription aspires to make security awareness an integral part of your company’s culture. Your employees will be on top of security awareness at all times, your company will be compliant with security awareness certifications’ guidelines, and you’ll be able to provide each new employee with the needed cyber security skills at any time. Your company will embrace a culture of security, and will become the optimal environment for great ROI.

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