Interpol warns users of dating apps, like Tinder, Match, or Bumble, to be wary of investment-fraud scammers.

Since the COVID-19 quarantine measures were put in place, the number of people using dating applications has increased. So did the scams.

Interpol’s warning (sent to 194 countries) brings many helpful pieces of advice that internet users should already know: be vigilant, skeptical when entering online relationships.

These scammers use clever ways to trick people into investing: they first establish a relationship and work on reaching a certain level of trust. Soon after, the investment tips begin, scammers encouraging victims to purchase various “financial products”, like cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, and binary options.

“As is often the case with such fraud schemes, everything is made to look legitimate,” said Interpol. “Screenshots are provided, domain names are eerily similar to real websites, and customer service agents pretend to help victims choose the right products.”

Check the source.

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