Attack Simulator

Smart Phishing Simulations and Security Awareness Traning
Create a culture of security in your company with the advanced tools from Attack Simulator.

Start automatic simulations with over 200 real life phishing templates

Running a simulation is as simple as pressing the START button. Our machine learning system takes care of everything so you can sit back, relax, and let Attack Simulator work for you. We have multiple languages supported and with templates that are picked intelligently, based on your company’s profile.

New templates are added every week so we’re always in touch with the latest events or news.

We can simulate the most advanced phishing attacks

A phishing attack doesn’t stop in the inbox. Attackers use all kinds of URL hijacking to fool their victims. We’ve got you covered here as well. 

Attack Simulator uses high fidelity landing pages, attachments and downloadable files to make simulations more realistic. 

Learn from your mistakes

With just-in-time learning, whenever an employee clicks on a link or submits their personal information, Attack Simulator explains what they did wrong, enforcing best practices and a secure-oriented behavior.