This Halloween

ATTACK Simulator Buries Cybermonsters

Security Awareness Keeps The Digital Monsters Away

Knowledge is the best way to fight destructive cyberattacks and shut them off for good. We have the magical spell to defend your company and employees from all those nasty, creepy and bloody creatures of the internet: the ATTACK SIMULATOR Automatic Security Awareness Training. This is the ingredient to develop automatic reflex-like super power against phishing emails, malware, ransomware, and other online crawlers.

We're doubling every license for free!

We’re also made a spell to increase the limit of every license you purchase this Halloween. Buy 3 months? You get 6! Want one year? You get two! This will definitely make the bad guys scream for their mommy.

* This offer is valid for every purchase between October 31s and November 4th. Only new clients can participate.