It refers to a compromised machine with a computer virus, a trojan horse, or another malicious program that transformed it into a bot, one of the many into a botnet. Without the owner’s knowledge, an apparently functional connected computer can be remotely controlled and used to perform other malicious operations, such as spam-sending or spreading malicious programs.

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Most Companies Aren’t Ready For The Greatest Cyber Threat Of 2021 – Ransomware

One would think that ransomware, currently the most significant cyber threat out there, keeps all organizations on edge and well prepared for an attack. However, the reality is that many companies have no incident response plans or ever test their defenses and...

Patch These 5 Vulnerabilities Now To Protect Your Company From Ransomware Attacks

Hackers are actively exploiting years-old security vulnerabilities to launch ransomware attacks because organizations skip on patching them. Some of the security vulnerabilities that cybercriminals most commonly exploit to spread and plant ransomware are years old....

Fileless And Encrypted Malware Saw Massive Growth in Q2 2021

A new report analyzing malware trends in the second quarter of 2021 shows that cyber threats are becoming stealthier, with a massive increase in fileless and encrypted malware. Encrypted Malware Gains Even More Popularity According to a new report from WatchGuard...