It refers to a compromised machine with a computer virus, a trojan horse, or another malicious program that transformed it into a bot, one of the many into a botnet. Without the owner’s knowledge, an apparently functional connected computer can be remotely controlled and used to perform other malicious operations, such as spam-sending or spreading malicious programs.

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H0lyGh0st Ransomware After Small and Midsize Businesses

Microsoft has linked H0lyGh0st, a cyberthreat that emerged in June 2021 and targets small-to-midsized businesses, to North Korean state-sponsored attacks. What is H0lyGh0st? Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) calls the threat DEV-0530 in a post. Researchers...

Popular NFT Marketplace Ravaged by $540M Phishing Scheme

In March, a North Korean APT netted $540 million thanks to a massive phishing operation carried out on the very popular NFT marketplace, Axie Infinity. NFT Marketplace Under The Spear With approximately 3 million users, the blockchain gaming platform Axie Infinity...

Massive $59M Facebook Phishing Campaign Steals Nearly 400M Credentials

Threat actors have managed to net a staggering $59 million and steal hundreds of millions of credentials in a massive ongoing Facebook phishing attack. Experts say it's only getting bigger. Facebook phishing operation still ongoing Researchers at PIXM have recently...