It is a way to communicate personal or illegal data or photos, hiding them inside another image or a different file format.

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Stolen Credentials Used In Data Theft At The United Nations On April 5

In a rather bold data theft attack, threat actors used stolen credentials to hack into the United Nations' proprietary project management software, Umoja. A spokesperson of the United Nations has confirmed that attackers used an employee's credentials to breach the...

CERT-RO Warns Of A New Instagram Phishing Campaign

Social media has caught the eye of bad guys, who prey on any opportunity to go phishing. A new Instagram phishing campaign targets Romanian users. The National Cyber ​​Security Incident Response Center (CERT-RO) warns of the potentially malicious messages received on...

Emerging New Android Trojan Worries Experts

A new Android trojan appeared in August and caught researchers' attention with its bold roadmap (think ransomware, DDoS). Experts say it could become ‘the most feature-rich Android malware on the market.’ The Most Complete And Advanced Android Trojan Ever? Researchers...