10 ways to protect your business with Security Awareness Training

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Security awareness is vital for everyone, especially for your business, given that cyberattacks increased last few years, and it’s getting more powerful and dangerous!

Security awareness is vital for everyone, especially for your business, given that cyberattacks increased last few years, and it's getting more powerful and dangerous!

Saving your business with security awareness training

If you think about it, training your employees about security awareness is the most cost-efficient way to prevent dealing with a cyberattack. However, keep in mind that most of the attacks happened because of human error and a lack of employee information.

Whilst your IT team is working hard to maintain cybersecurity “walls,” here they are, your employees that open suspicious links or respond to phishing emails, putting your business at risk. And that is why you should consider training your staff! If you still consider security awareness training useless, let us convince you with ten benefits of such training that can save your entire business!

1. Increase awareness

Most data breaches happened because of human error. A well-trained employee can be the key to better security and fewer errors based on the employee’s lack of vigilance.

Good training on security awareness can increase your employee’s confidence in recognizing security threats and avoiding them. The more you educate your staff, the better they can become a defense mechanism for your business!

2. Reduce threats

By training your workers about security awareness, you automatically reduce the risk of becoming the victim of a threat from cybercriminals.

Cyber awareness programs help your staff understand the most common types of cyberattacks, such as phishing. For a much better understanding, there are some phishing simulations where your employees learn how to spot and how to act when dealing with a threat, for example, when a suspicious e-mail is received (e-mail being the most common form of phishing).

3. Your customer confidence is being improved

With the rise of cyberattacks, customers have also begun to be aware of the dangers behind a cyberattack. Therefore, companies must implement more tools and technologies for protection to increase the customer’s confidence.

According to a study, 31% of customers stopped the relationships with a company that suffered a data breach, whilst 65% of them lost trust in the organization after being affected.

One of the easiest tools to implement in your business is actually security awareness training for all your employees. Seeing that you invest in cybersecurity, customers would be more likely to do business with you.

4. Strengthen your technological defences

These days, technological defenses represent a valuable weapon when dealing with cyberattacks even though they require intake from people (for example, someone needs to turn on the firewall, or maybe software needs to be updated).

We can affirm that technological defenses cannot be fully useful without security awareness training. As a matter of fact, most attackers usually target people, as they realized that they are easy to trick.

5. Create a culture of security

Being educated creates an opportunity for better workplace culture. Building a culture of security means creating security values for your business. By implementing and developing a culture of security from security awareness programs, you can make people your first line of defense

6. Saves you money

A confident team and a data-security conductive culture make a great team that will save your company money.

Data breaches are expensive, but when you have a team ready to prevent these unwanted events, be sure you are reducing the risks and preventing any ruinous costs associated with the attacks.

Try to think about security awareness training as an investment and keep in mind that any cost required for training will prevent greater costs in the future!

A confident team and a data-security conductive culture make a great team that will save your company money.

7. Saves you time

Like you save money, you will also save time by training your staff about security awareness.

The time lost while trying to fix and recover is one of the hidden costs of data breaches.

By making sure your team is prepared and acting vigilant against cyberattacks, you’re reducing the chance of dealing with a data breach

8. Protect your assets

Not only your company reputation is suffering after a data breach, but also your finances. According to a study, the average cost is $3.86M. That money you could’ve invested them for other projects, and that is why you should invest in security awareness training since the beginning.

9. Your staff becomes more confident

Assuring security awareness training for your people can increase their confidence when dealing with the pressure of new software, browsing on social media, email platforms, etc.

After the training, your team can feel confident enough to use the technology they need and what to do and not to protect your business.

10. Better security

This one represents the biggest benefit of following a training session on security awareness. Knowing that your team is prepared for any attack gives you peace and confidence that your company is doing its best to prevent all kinds of cyberattacks!


Have we not convinced you yet? Security awareness training is the quickest way to save your company “the pain” of dealing with a cyberattack! Try considering it, and we promise you your business will grow, will appear more confident to customers, and of course, it can save your company’s life! So make sure you stay safe and aware of the importance of security when online!

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