Is it a bug? No, Telegram exposing its users’ precise location is a feature working as ‘expected’

by | January 8, 2021 | Cybersecurity News

Most of us heard about a popular feature used by most social media websites, called “People Nearby”: it shows people’s exact location and also allows users to find each other and get in contact.

Questions arose when the people’s addresses were available for just everybody introducing a random or fake direction. Security researchers figured out that there was a risk of oversharing personal information with unknown people. All these create a fertile field for a malicious user to join local discussion groups to promote scams or fake investments.

The problem can be easily solved by simply disabling the feature and preserve personal privacy. 

Check the source.

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Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

by Dan Florian

Product owner and co-founder of ATTACK Simulator. Dan likes to code, is passionate about design, and loves running and swimming.

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