Zero Day

“Day Zero” or “Zero Hour” is when a new vulnerability is discovered by someone trying to find vulnerability as a professional or as a hacker. In the first case, specialists try to solve it with “patches” installed as actualizations to the existing programs. In the second case, it sells on the black market, and cyber attackers exploit it.

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FBI: Business Email Compromise – a $43B Scam

A new FBI report warns of a staggering spike in hacking activities using the Business Email Compromise technique (BEC), resulting in losses worth billions of dollars. Business Email Compromise - a Billion-Dollar Problem In a new report, the FBI sheds some light on the...

NVIDIA Confirms Employee Credentials And Proprietary Data Stolen During Cyberattack

NVIDIA confirmed the Lapsus$ cyberattack and the data leak that followed, saying it first became aware of the security incident on February 23. The tech giant also confirmed it had suffered damages related to its IT resources. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash NVIDIA...

FoxBlade Trojan Hit Ukraine Right Before The 24 Feb Devastating Russian Invasion

Microsoft discovered an attack using the FoxBlade malware that had compromised Ukrainian systems just hours before Russia's massive and ruthless rain of missiles and tank swarms. The company did not disclose the exact way and time of infiltration yet. Photo by Artem...