Spam filtering software

It is a specific program that analyzes the email or any messages and their characteristics and, if the case, places them into the “spam” folder of the email program.

Learn Security Awareness

ATTACK Simulator is a fun and interactive way to teach your employees essential cybersecurity skills. We take care of security so you can take care of business.

Massive GoDaddy Data Breach Impacts 1.2 Million Customers

The world's largest domain registrar was recently affected by yet another data breach, making the incident the fifth since 2018. The attackers used a compromised password to steal email addresses, SSH keys, and database logins. GoDaddy Suffers The Fifth Data Breach...

Cyber Monday & Black Friday: New Gift Card Scams Are Flourishing In 2021

Cybercrooks are actively preying on people flocking online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in two relatively new ways: fake merchandise and crypto-jacking. Cyber Monday & Black Friday Gift Card Scams Scammers have come up with brand new tactics to improve their...

Black Friday Amazon Scam: Woman Got ‘Phished’ Out Of $20K

In a costly Amazon scam, phishers impersonating the large retailer tricked a woman from Naples, Florida, into paying them over $20,000 just ahead of Black Friday. The Amazon Scam Comes Right Before Black Friday The Floridian woman's ordeal started with a seemingly...