CTB Locker

It is an acronym for Curve-Tor-Bitcoin-Locker, a type of file-encrypting ransomware, based on elliptic curves, with a malicious server placed in onion-domain (TOR). The cyberattack released in 2014 and infected a high number of users because of its multi-lingual adaptations. The infection spread through aggressive spam campaigns and the strategy of recruiting malicious actors that received a percentage of the profits in Bitcoins.

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Zimbra server under possible attack because of a new bug

According to researchers, the Zimbra webmail server contains two weaknesses that might allow an attacker to paw through the inbox and outbox of all employees in all organizations that utilize the widely used collaboration application. Given Zimbra's popularity and the...

Malware authors, increasingly using obscure programming languages

Malware makers are using more often rarely spotted programming languages such as Rust, Go, Nim and DLang, to create new tools and to evade detection, found the researchers. According to a report published by BlackBerry Research and Intelligence Team, the use of those...

Users of popular crypto app Maiar are targetted by SMiShing

Maiar is a digital crypto wallet and global payments app that allows users to exchange and securely store money on their mobile phones. People can use Maiar to send and receive money near-instantly, to and from anyone around the world by just using a phone number or...