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Why Attack Simulator?

We provide an innovative and actual service that is designed, developed and maintained by a team of security experts adding more than 12 years of experience in the field. The knowledge and energies of the experts are canalized by behavioral specialists with the objective to provide the right doses and the most relevant triggers that could bring to your users the optimal means for an effective learning experience.

Several researches have witnessed an increase in the danger levels of the unsolicited e-mails and its transformation from an annoyance into a powerful attack vector. More than 90% of the phishing e-mails contain a form or another of ransomware, a dangerous attack that may induce a disruption in your operations and may cost you data, money and reputation.
Our own behavioral studies have revealed that traditional security awareness trainings are not as effective as we would like: personal-paced study has been proven better than collective trainings, but we have also found that learning from examples and didactic materials has a reduced rate of information absorption and formation of adequate skills. Therefore, our services approach, based on simulation of attacks and malware infections that will benefit by adding also an “emotional” and interactive component to learning.


Intensive Attack Simulator

This package, that may be considered a Starter Kit, delivers an intensive security awareness training to your users for a period of 3 months. The attacks have been carefully designed to cover a large variety of threats categories and their frequency has been also carefully chosen aiming not to bore or generate the sensation of repetition. We recommend this type of service for small and medium businesses that are tolerant to security risks, are subjected to classic attacks and ransomware, and just need to make a basic training to their employees. However, as spam, phishing and malware evolve, we recommend the repetition of this type of training once per year.

Continuous Education Program

There are organizations less tolerant to security risks, that handle critical information or intellectual property information that we consider that could be a constant target to advanced attacks that include in a high proportion spear phishing attacks or advanced social engineering attacks. For these organizations (governments, large public administrations, big enterprises) we consider that the security awareness program should never stop. Therefore, we have prepared this type of service that allows them to be always prepared against the latest types of attacks that we are continuously updating in our platform. With this service, your employees will always be informed about the latest trends in phishing, ransomware, waterhole or drive-by attacks, learning from a large variety of messages and OS message simulations.

Personalized Training

This type of services, that we are associating with personalized consultancy services and special design of the training program, are intended for high risk organizations that want to be involved and to adapt the security awareness training to their own, specific realities. For them we have designed a special-paced program, involving consultancy hours, personalization of attack simulations and messages, constant assessment of its effectiveness and continuous improvement. This service is project based and may be linked to the achievement of specific training objectives or to a certain level of awareness. We recommend it as a complement to our other services, when the client discover special needs that impose a personalization of the training program.