Interactive Cybersecurity Games

ATTACK Simulator's Interactive Strategy

We want to make learning more fun and engaging with cybersecurity games. ATTACK Simulator believes that gamification is the future of engagement and is a great way to teach security awareness.

ATTACK Simulator’s Interactive Strategy: Cybersecurity Games

We are currently working on the final piece of our 3-step security awareness training strategy: interactive games.

Our goal is to delve deeper into eLearning engagement and to solidify your employees’ knowledge in a fun and easy way.

This is an essential step in getting closer to our vision of creating a culture of security in every company.

Make Learning Fun Again

A daring and playful approach to security awareness training.

Changing your employees’ behavior is easier when they are immersed in and entertained by games. As they say, you never truly learn something, until you do it yourself. This method of information delivery breaks learning stereotypes and helps binding new behavior patterns.

Solo and cooperative, our games will be both thought-provoking and entertaining, taking your company a step further in the security awareness mastery.

Gamification supercharges engagement

Using gamification elements in your training is fun, challenging and aids information retention.

Game based learning vs Classical learning

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