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One of the most significant advantages of the internet is having access to education from the comfort of your home. eLearning has saved many people and companies alike money and time and provided them with accessibility and knowledge. The benefits of eLearning are numerous, especially when time is scarce, and keeping up with technology requires plenty of it.

For a company, eLearning is a fresh alternative to classical face-to-face training, proving to score high on efficiency. With the development of learning management systems (LMS), training employees has never been more convenient, and neither has stimulating employees’ productivity been more facile. At just a few clicks away, users can find libraries fully packed with content on various topics, helping them acquire skills from any industry.

To give you a more accurate insight into the top benefits of eLearning for companies, we compiled the list below. We hope you can use it as guidance when deciding whether to implement eLearning in your training approach.


1. Saves time and money

eLearning platforms (or LMS) allow businesses to create and manage their training programs, which can be subsequently reused whenever needed. Besides this, it reduces the costs of printing materials, booking training rooms and accommodation, allowing your company to invest in other resources. It’s a long-lasting investment from which you can reap the benefits multiple times.


2. Boosts your employees’ productivity, performance, and motivation

Intrinsic motivation is a powerful drive that can help people achieve anything they set their minds to. Participating in compulsory training can be a dragging experience for employees who lack intrinsic motivation. Thus, eLearning platforms provide an alternative to the dull, old-fashioned learning way, which usually reminds most learners of their high school years. Offering them the chance to follow the classes at their own pace in a safe, intimate environment, pausing and replaying lessons without feeling constrained, is the best way to boost their motivation and overall performance. After all, studies show that each dollar invested in eLearning turns up to a $30 increase in productivity.


3. It’s scalable, flexible and consistent

Gone are the days when a classroom could fit just a fixed number of students, abiding by a strict schedule. The differences in performance caused by irregular teaching styles or outdated curriculums should also become obsolete in the virtual classrooms. eLearning platforms will provide your company with consistent training material that can be accessed by an indefinite number of employees at any convenient time. This way, all employees undergo the same training and align with the very same guidelines, assuring your training efforts are at least equally distributed (as the receiving part is still a subjective matter).


4. Stimulates information retention

Online learners spend half the time studying a particular material than they usually do in an instructor-led course. The information delivered in a visually and engaging manner encourages employees to memorise lessons quickly and retain the information for longer periods. This proves, once more, that eLearning is a time-efficient and cost-effective solution.


5. Improves learner satisfaction

eLearning is often associated with gamification. If you’re not familiar with the concept, let’s break it down for you: a gamification learning strategy means applying gaming techniques to the learning process to engage and motivate the learner. This usually involves receiving badges for course completion, seeing progress bars, or whooping things up by creating a bit of competition between the users. These immersive techniques are proven to improve learners’ participation and satisfaction, giving them more purpose.


6. Lowers need for talent acquisition

Win-win situation ahead! Imagine investing in your employees so much that you won’t need to search for new talent. Studies show that employees often feel like they are not achieving their full potential at work. Investing in their training would help them broaden their responsibilities within the company, which would help them achieve a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. Trained employees are also more likely to outperform individuals on the same job. Companies reported that they acquire 218% higher revenue per each trained employee.


7. Provides valuable insights

Being able to track your employees’ progress and analyse your training program’s efficiency is a useful tool for determining the status-quo of your company. LMS platforms offer a wide range of metrics that could aid your decision-making process regarding each employee’s performance and overall training quality. Beautiful graphics and, sometimes, targeted pieces of advice generated by the platform itself, will come in handy when making up your mind regarding the intensity of the future training.


8. Facilitates communication

Besides offering plenty of benefits in terms of tangible results, eLearning platforms are also user-friendly. They have designated pages for “in-class” communication and forums of discussion, encouraging all kinds of personalities to engage with the online community. Can we brag by saying even the reluctant or shy participants will feel comfortable giving their opinion, or does that go without saying?


Hopefully, we made you enthusiastic about giving eLearning a try in your company. Should you still have any doubts, please feel free to contact us for more information about our educational platform and its numerous benefits. We’d be happy to help you create the ideal virtual classroom.

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