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ATTACK Simulator's Didactic Strategy

We’re tired of calling employees the weakest link in data breach too. Fear is counter-productive and to error is human. All employees are guided on the path to gain new cybersecurity insights with our cybersecurity awareness courses. 

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Security Awareness Courses

Building a culture of security

Through our interactive training approach, we make sure your employees understand the dangers of cyberattacks and acknowledge that the responsibility of creating a secure working environment lies in their hands.

In accordance with our vision, we want to stimulate all employees to perceive security awareness as accessible and easy to grasp.

We aim to give security a positive meaning, making it an open, transparent and approachable topic so that employees are not frightened to talk about their encounters, are encouraged to report unusual events, and have the tools to identify potential attacks.

We support security growth through unified commitment, meaning that all employees should cooperate towards creating a safe work environment.

Educational Platform for all employees

Learn why you should integrate eLearning in your security trainings.

Advantages of eLearning

Learn why eLearning is a fresh alternative to classical education.

eLearning vs Classical Training

Learn how to choose the best security awareness training method.

Blended Learning

Understand the facets of hybrid education in the context of organizational training.

ATTACK Simulator Cybersecurity Awareness Course

Multimedia lessons

From extensive articles to engaging videos, there’s never a dull moment on the ATTACK Simulator training platform.

Elaborate quizzes

Test your knowledge on cybersecurity do’s and don’ts by going through the interactive quizzes at the end of every lesson.

Practical downloadables

Every course is packed with practical handouts, designed to help users keep track of cybersecurity essentials.

Tracked progress

We provide an insightful overview of how users proceed in covering the available content.

A step-by-step guide to our didactic strategy

In order to create a comprehensive learning experience, didactic teaching should intertwine with our practical strategy. This step helps employees associate the conceptual principles behind data breaches with the actual practices of cyberattacks. It also provides them with the knowledge to avoid and defend themselves against cyberattacks.

User enrolment

The learning process starts with creating accounts for each employee. This way, they can track their own progress and check the lessons at their own pace.

Multimedia lessons

On the LMS platform, the users can find engaging content designed to teach and entertain. We focus on delivering up-to-date information in order to be ahead of the bad guys and anticipate the way they operate.

Quizzes & exercise files

Lessons come packed with downloadable content and quizzes that stimulate an achievement-oriented mindset.

Progress & reports

Statistics showing the progress of your employees will give you an accurate overview of the situation.

What Are People Saying

Automatic simulations keep us on the edge

Thanks to ATTACK Simulator, I can rest assured that I’m doing everything in my power to protect the company security-wise, from the inside out. The platform itself is easy to use and super-helpful – for myself and my colleagues as well. Looking forward to new updates!

My company culture has changed

I didn’t realize how much we needed ATTACK Simulator until we got it. It works on a large array of phishing and malware attack simulations, very realistic ones. I was about to fall into some of those traps myself. But I’m really glad to see employees all over the company doing so less and less.

Our company is seeing positive results

This tool painted a clear picture of where our company was on the topic of cyber-security and it wasn’t pretty. ATTACK Simulator has provided us all with some much-needed knowledge on how to best handle phishing or malware attacks. And it has definitely provided me with some peace of mind.

There’s no reason to postpone training your employees

Get a quote based on your organization’s needs and start building a strong cyber security infrastructure today.