Security awareness training: 8 reasons why your company needs it

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The ugly truth is that data breaches happen more often than we’d like to admit, can be very expensive, and can hit companies of all sizes. Thus, security awareness training isn’t something you afford to overlook.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercrime rates rose to 600% over the course of last year. The average business cost of a cyberattack is $3.86 million and the breach goes undetected for as much as 200 days. For example, 44% of Spanish businesses have reported being targeted by malware attacks.

Thinking you might dodge the bullet? Here’s another statistic to give you goosebumps: 79% of organizations worldwide were affected by hackers because they weren’t prepared enough regarding cybersecurity.

Alarming statistics indicate security awareness training is critical

Still wondering if you need security awareness training for your employees? The right question is when do you need it? Our answer is ASAP, as human error has proven to be responsible for 90% of breaches happening.

Keep reading to discover 8 reasons why implementing solid security awareness training is critical for your company’s wellbeing and should make it to the top of your priorities list.

1. Security awareness training helps you prevent cyberattacks and breaches

Starting off with the most obvious reason, security awareness training will help you curb data breaches. By raising awareness regarding online security amongst your employees, they will be more prepared to recognize a potential attack and you will significantly reduce the chance of it happening.

Not to rain on your parade, but keep in mind that a breach can cost you literally a fortune. Well, security awareness training doesn’t have to. Investing in a solid training campaign shouldn’t be given a second thought, as it is a small price to pay in comparison to the cost of recovering after an attack.

2. Safety will become a solid part of your company culture

Your company culture and staff’s attitude will become more and more security-driven.

Most security awareness training platforms monitor and measure the progress of their campaign right from the beginning in order to assess its results over time, as the organization builds up a secure culture and environment.

3. You will strenghten your technological defenses

As technological defenses need human interaction, guiding your employees towards being security-aware is your best bet.

Being properly trained in regards to cybersecurity, they will know how to recognize red flags, when to turn on the firewalls, update the software on time, acknowledge security warnings, avoid malware attacks, and so on. This will help create a more robust technological defense against all sorts of threats that may come your way.

4. You will attract more customers

Nowadays, many high-profile contracts demand that a company must demonstrate at least some achievement of a universally acknowledged cybersecurity standard, and understandably so, considering the astonishing rise of cybercrime in recent years.

Customers will feel more confident when signing contracts with people who are educated on cybersecurity matters. Wouldn’t you?

5. It will make you more socially responsible

Selfish doesn’t suit anyone and that applies to your company too. Organizations with little to no security awareness training put at risk the other organizations linked to them.

Investing in a good security awareness campaign will benefit not only you but also every organization linked to your network (suppliers, customers).

6. It will empower your employees

Remember, keep your employees happy to keep them productive. The cybersecurity training you provide will benefit them at work, but also in their personal lives, as cybersecurity-conscious is always a good thing to be.

The more empowered and aware of how to abide by the security protocols your staff is, the less prone they are to costly security mishaps.

7. You need it for compliance reasons

More and more regulations for specific industries are being put in place regarding the implementation of security awareness training. This is to fight the ever-growing online threats and to help both employers and employees become more aware of them.

8. It will help you prevent downtimes and maintain a good reputation

A breach could not only cost you millions but also affect your reputation and cause you to lose important contracts and business relations.

What’s worse is that the aftermath of the attack can leave you with significant downtimes. This may cause you to miss deadlines and experience disruptions in your workflow. Recovery can be a difficult, costly and long process.

To conclude, it’s safe to say cybercrime isn’t going away anytime soon as long as the internet exists. This means that security awareness training can’t be a one-off undertaking. Threats are constantly evolving as hackers get more and more creative with their attacks. The best way to go is to perpetually promote and implement security awareness campaigns in your company.

Why choose Attack Simulator?

We know there are plenty of choices out there. But look no further, as Attack Simulator offers an affordable and customizable security awareness training solution for every company, no matter the size.

Let us elaborate on that and explain why Attack Simulator is the way to go:

  • We offer security awareness training for companies of all sizes – the importance we place on improving the employee’s vigilange regarding cybersecurity is the same.
  • Our training method features an automated function, which requires little to no manual intervention. Time is, after all, money, and we wouldn’t want you to waste any of it.
  • We offer quick in-house support straight from our developers themselves. We like our customers happy and satisfied.
  • We provide affordable security awareness training.
  • Our software interface is user-friendly, so you’ll be able to learn it in no time.

Don’t waste another minute counting on luck and invest now in a solid cybersecurity awareness program. Get your quote today here.

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