Costway website compromised by Magento Web Skimmers

by | February 2, 2021 | Cybersecurity News

Hackers stole payment data from Costway’s website and other compromised Magento 1 websites using e-commerce credit-card skimmers.

One skimmer injects fake forms into an affected website while the other one collects credit-card details. Fortunately, this exploit only runs on outdated Magento 1 e-commerce software. Magento developers urged every customer to update to their latest software version.

“A large number of Magento 1 sites have been hacked but yet are not necessarily being monetized. […] Other threat actors that want access will undoubtedly attempt to inject their own malicious code. When that happens, we see criminals trying to access the same resources and sometimes fighting with one another.”


Researchers at Malwarebytes identified French, UK, German, and Spanish Costway portals affected by these skimmers. The potential risk is massive, as only the French portal had over 180,000 visitors in December. The website’s payment form was collecting every buyer’s payment details.

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by Dan Florian

Product owner and co-founder of ATTACK Simulator. Dan likes to code, is passionate about design, and loves running and swimming.

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