ATTACK Simulator – The Automated Cybersecurity Awareness Platform: 6 Reasons To Choose Us

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As cyber threats never cease to evolve and increase in numbers, the need for an automated cybersecurity awareness platform to help you train your employees on how to fend off online dangers is becoming more obvious and urgent with every passing day.

An automated cybersecurity awareness platform, such as ATTACK Simulator, will help you train your employees on the best security practices.

Keep reading to discover 6 reasons why ATTACK Simulator will satisfy your company’s need for cybersecurity awareness training.

Implementing a security awareness training program in your company is a small investment with great benefits. It may one day save your business from a much more expensive attack. The demand for information security is at its highest nowadays, when cyberattacks hit so frequently and unannounced in the online world.

Ignorance is bliss, but not when it comes to cybercrime. Acknowledging these threats’ existence and magnitude and installing risk management policies are critical in maintaining your company’s data secure and its reputation flawless.

Skyrocketting Numbers of Cyberattacks

Cyber threats keep companies and security specialists on edge because of the massive damages that they leave behind. However, their costs are only expected to grow over the next decade.

For example, ransom payments could cost victims a total of $265 billion by 2031. The estimate is based on the premise that the financial damages will increase by 30% every year over the next 10 years.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercrime rates rose to 600% over the course of last year. The average business cost of a cyberattack is $3.86 million, and the breach goes undetected for as much as 200 days. For example, 44% of Spanish businesses have reported being targeted by malware attacks.

Thinking you might dodge the bullet? Here’s another statistic to give you goosebumps: 79% of organizations worldwide were affected by hackers because they weren’t prepared enough regarding cybersecurity.

Automated Cybersecurity Awareness Is A Must For Your Company

You need security awareness training for your employees for many reasons:

  • To prevent cyberattacks and breaches
  • To strenghten your technological defenses
  • To attract more customers
  • To make you more socially responsible
  • To empower your employees
  • To meet compliance standards
  • To prevent downtimes and maintain a good reputation

Our Security Awareness Training Features Lifelike Phishing Simulations

Here at Attack Simulator, we put ourselves in the attacker’s shoes as we believe that understanding their thinking and actions is vital in designing an accurate simulation.

Here’s our comprehensive approach to phishing simulations:

  • Automated attack simulation – we simulate all kinds of cyberattacks: phishing, malware, ransomware, spear-phishing, identity theft, online privacy attacks, online scams etc.
  • Real-life scenarios – we evaluate users’ vulnerability to give company or pesonal data away using realistic web-pages.
  • User behaviour analysis – we gather user data and compile it in extensive reports to give you a detailed picture of your employees’ security awareness level.
  • Malicious file replicas – our emails contain malware file repilcas, to make the simulation as realistic as it can be.
  • Interactive lessons – if employees fail to recognize our traps and fall into one, they will be redirected to landing pages with quick reads on the best security practices.
  • We impersonate popular brands on our simulated phishing pages – the user will be more tempted to click on the URL or open the attachment in the email.

We Provide Educational Content And Phishing Simulations In 7 Languages

We currently cater to the cybersecurity training needs of companies in 7 languages: English, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Romanian, and Euskera. We plan on adding German and Polish to this list soon.

To make our training feel even more realistic and be very effective, we believe phishing simulations and the educational content on landing pages should be translated by a real person. This is why we never use Google Translate and choose a professional translator to do the job instead.

Our Security Awareness Training Program Will Help You Meet Security Regulations And Standards

More and more regulations for specific industries are being put in place regarding the implementation of security awareness training. This is to fight the ever-growing online threats and to help both employers and employees become more aware of them.

Any organization working with sensitive customer data should comply with a series of information security international standards to confirm their professionalism and integrity.

Certification means being compliant with the guidelines of the certification you want to achieve. Meeting these security requirements will legitimize your good business practices and make you stand out from the crowd in a very competitive scenery.

help you get certified by 6 security standards: ISO/IEC 27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, GDPR, and inspire trust in your business partners and customers.

We Offer A Free Cybersecurity Awareness Training Trial

You can test your employees today at no charge to get an idea of how well your company can deal with a phishing attempt. Our free Cybersecurity Awareness Training allows you to conduct a Cybersecurity Audit on your company and get a comprehensive report on its current situation.

Here are the perks of trying out our free trial:

  • Quick 10 minutes demo
  • Automated Phishing Security Audit
  • Email support
  • User reports and behavior analysis

You’re in good hands, as we’ll offer you a customizable, easy-to-understand and apply, automated, affordable, long-term solution. Oh, and we’ll be there for you at all times to guide you through the process.

Choose ATTACK Simulator and get your quote today here.


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